Christmas club 365 splash page builder instructions!

1. log into AIOP

2. Toolbox tab

3.  Splash page builder

4.  Splash page name

5.  Create splash page-Choose the "White-advanced page"

6.  Copy and paste from the original page

7.  Update savings-then go back to where it says CLICK HERE TO START YOUR CHRISTMAS CLUB 365 ACCOUNT FOR $10 and add your link (add your AIOP link) in the link section, choose same page or open a new page, put "click here" and update information. Test your page.  Now start sharing.

Even if everyone only helps one person a month to get started, that's still 4096 people contributing to your Christmas Club 365 by this time next year. That's a lot of money bells that are ringing from the comfort of our own homesCoolstart today for $10.


Thank you, God's Best!

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006

Please make a page for your team and everyone message Marlena at the end of the month as to how much money you have accumulated.  Isn't this fun!


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