Welcome to Marlena's 10k Travel Club 48 hour challenge


How would it feel to sponsor 3 Platinums in 48 hours and be able to travel where you desire, with whom you desire, stay as long as you desire, with zero financial concerns?


Step 1:  View the money making video right now, discover travel secrets & get started today.

There are no health, savings or income guarantees.  All results vary.  The 5 diamond vacation is no longer offered as of 4/5/2022, global travel assistance is now available for Platinum members.

Step 2:  Your first  48 hours to 7 days-Activate the Power of 3x3 sponsor 3 Gold's at $20 for a potential 3k monthly, 3 Platinums at $100 for a potential 16k monthly or 3 Titaniums at $199 for a potential 33k monthly in 7 weeks, everyone empower 3 let's all be free in 7 weeks.