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We all love the commissions on Big Ticket Items, but the bigger
the payout, the longer you'll have to wait between paydays.
So here are my best-converting low-cost offers that pay you instantly.

#1. EzCryptos Generator
$0.50 - $1.00 Per Free Signup!

This one is quite new but already working a treat, paying out $0.50 per qualifying signup, or twice that if you take the one-time upgrade. You also get generous commissions when your referrals upgrade, making this a powerful option to generate some very handy cashflow.

Just register an account, confirm your email and grab your affiliate link. If you play fair and only send quality traffic, you will get paid. Then just login every month or so to request a payout!

#2. Weekly ICO
$1 Per Free Signup!

Cryptos are hot and they're only going to get bigger, so it makes sense to earn them hands-free while you can. Weekly ICO has been paying out consistently for several years now and is one of my favourite cashcows.

Grab a free account, consider the one-time upgrade to increase your earnings power, set up your free ads... and you're done. Just login every month or so to cash out (or reinvest your earnings in a ICO Club Share!)

#3. Worlds Largest Safelist
$0.50 - $1.00 Per Free Signup!

This one is a bit old and ugly, but it pays out like clockwork. You get $1 for your first two signups, and 50 cents for every referral after that. Referrals also earn you mailing credits, so you'll have some advertising to use up there from time to time as well.

Just register an account, confirm your email and grab your affiliate link. Then just login every month or so to request a payout!

#4. US Largest Safelist
$0.50 - $1.00 Per Free Signup!

This is part of the same network as the previous site. It's just as old and ugly... and it pays out just as well.

Same instructions as well... register, confirm, grab your affiliate details and add it to your promos as per the ideas below... then just login from time to time to request a payout.

#5. Banner Ad Blaster
$0.30 - $1.00 Per Referral

I'd use and recommend this site even without the affiliate program... it's simply one of the best banner exchanges out there... but the referral bonuses take it to a whole other level.

As you'd expect, upgraded Members are paid more for the free signups and a higher commission on sales, so I'd recommend the one-time Silver Upgrade as a minimum, even if you have to generate a few signups first to pay for it!

#6. Share My Ads
Free Members earn 20% Commissions

As a FREE member you can add up to 5 banner exchange banners of each size. You also earn 20% of the purchase price from any purchases made by any of your direct referrals. Please consider upgrading your account to support the site and to increase your accounts banner ad limit.

You will earn 2000 banner exchange credits per referral and you also earn 1.0 credits per 24hr unique view of your standard splash pages.

#7. Hits Monkey
Multiple Direct & Pass-Up Payments

This one is a little different, but it's become a key component of this strategy. You... and your new signups... will get 1000 free visitors from Hits Monkey just for signing up. That can be a very useful bonus for getting your referrals on board, but it gets better...

If you take the one-time upgrade, you'll soon be getting a mix of direct and passed up payments... not to mention, a truckload of extra visitor traffic! ... making HitMonkey an extremely lucrative add-on to this strategy.

It's all optional but if you're going to do the work to set this up and promote it, I figure there might as well be one extra-big payout built into the system!

#8. Easy 5 Now
$5 Direct Payments

This one will cost you $5 to set up, but you'll get 100% of that back with your very first sign-up... and every sign-up after that!

There's a few extra steps required to set up your options for getting paid, but stick at it... it converts like you wouldn't believe and is totally worth it.

Grow This Easy Cashflow System On Full-Auto

I like a Set-and-Forget approach when it comes to affiliate marketing so I like to combine sets of compatible programs on a Strategy Page like this, and then just plug that page into my permanent Ongoing Traffic Systems!

STEP 1. Please Steal This Page!

This system works when you give your referrals an easy and effective way to duplicate your efforts.

So please make a copy of this page... you can copy-and-paste everything into a new page on your Blog, or view source to grab the HTML for a standalone website. Then just change the referral links to use your IDs and you are ready to go!

If you want to tweak the text a bit, that's fine, but I really don't mind if you copy it word-for-word... as long as you get it published and start sending traffic!

(Alternatively, you can get this exact page... and a dozen more... all 100% ready to go, through the EzHitzs website, I share a link a little further down the page.)

STEP 2. Turn On The Traffic!

If you're doing business online you NEED to have Ongoing Traffic Systems in place, so you can deliver visitors wherever you want, whenever you want.

If you're still stuck chasing credits you can only use once, you need to break the cycle and start building Systems NOW. Clicking for credits is not a business. Use that time to develop ongoing traffic instead.

Here's how it looks when you do...

First up I add an email or two for this Strategy Page to my main autoresponder series. I'll also add an email or two for each of the individual programs, except I'll link those to this page as well. For good measure I'll also add a few P.S. links to the Strategy Page to some of my existing emails.

I then add the banners to my free Traffic Zipper Banner Rotators, again I use this page as the destination URL so everyone comes here first. I've already added these Campaign Codes to hundreds of traffic sites, so this only takes a couple of minutes to start generating instant exposure.

Finally, I add this Strategy Page and individual SplashPage links to my Traffic Zipper Rotators. Again I've already done the work posting these on various traffic sites, so it's even more instant, hands-free visitor traffic!

With those three simple steps, I immediately have quality visitor traffic passing through this Strategy Page where I've given you multiple recommendations PLUS a simple strategy you can easily implement yourself, so you can quickly duplicate my results.

So can you see the power and the potential of this approach?

If you can, then there's no excuse... stop what you're doing, and set it up now!

Take 5 minutes to register for each of the programs, and another 5 minutes to copy this page... and you'll be ready to go. Then just get some traffic happening and this thing will literally grow itself...

Delivering traffic, signups, leads and commissions... all from one simple page I'm giving you right now!

Get Set Up Then Power Up!

You should understand free programs can only go so far. If everything is free, no one ever spends any money, so there's no real commissions to be made.

So this system uses a few sites that pay you for free signups, but that's only meant to get you enough cash to pay for some upgrades.

If you're going to do this, then you should be prepared to reinvest your initial earnings into progressive upgrades until you are at maximum earnings potential on each individual program!

Weekly ICO: This one builds up very quickly, so let it run 'til you've got $10 then buy the second OTO Gold Upgrade ($10). After that just keep checking in and grab an extra ICO Club Share anytime you've got enough.

The longer you can wait to cash out, the faster your account will grow. Alternatively, once you've got the upgrade and one extra ICO Share, you might consider cashing out future earnings to fund the following upgrades.

Banner Ad Blaster: Definitely grab the Silver Upgrade ASAP. It's a one-time $9.80 and gets you higher prizes, bonuses and commissions, plus you'll get a free matrix position. If you can buy two extra positions when you start, you'll get part of that money back immediately, plus you'll earn more on each future signup. Otherwise just watch your balance, and reinvest in 5-10 extra positions anytime you have enough.

Hits Monkey: This one also uses Pass-Up Payments, so it costs little more ($30) to get upgraded, but you'll get that back... many times over... with every new signup. You'll also extend your traffic network through multiple extra levels, so this one is highly recommended as soon as you've made enough.

You will need to make the payments in Cryptos, so if you're not up to speed on that, you can just earn the required amount on Weekly ICO and transfer that to a wallet so you can make the payments. There's some detailed instructions on the Hits Monkey website if you don't want to wait that long!

World/US Largest Safelists: These have a minimum payout of $20, so you'll need 38 referrals, but that will happen a lot quicker than you'd expect. I actively promote Tron Banners here which then sends them to this or another EZ Hiitz Strategy page. No upgrades required here unless you want to make use of the Safelist Mailers.

OK, there's a fair bit there, but hopefully you can see if you break it down into small easy steps, it's a straight-forward set up and then it's virtually set-and-forget.

Your only real work after that is to login to each of the sites from time to time to cash-out...

And that's exactly the kind of work we all enjoy!

Want A Plug-n-Play Version of This Page?

This is one of the many Pro Marketing Pages you get in your EzHitzs Traffic Machine. Just add these to your traffic exchanges or safelist mailouts, and watch EVERYTHING grow... your traffic, your referrals, your commissions.

Also, consider this... I didn't do ANY of the usual tedious traffic work... traffic surfing, reading emails, clicking ads... to get you here and I certainly didn't pay for any ads.

The fact you are here reading this is proof that EzHitzs' Automated Traffic Systems works perfectly without all that busy-work.

So if you're sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you'd rather be working on growing your business, make sure you Check out EzHitzs while you're here...

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