5050 Crowdfunding is a unique global Cooperative Crowdfunding System used to raise funds for personal, business or charitable reasons

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Our crowdfunding system allows you to help an unlimited amount of people while raising an unlimited amount of money from anybody from anywhere in the world.



With 5050 Crowdfunding your money comes directly to you, peer to peer, via any payment processor you are comfortable with.

5050 Crowdfunding uses a system based on one that was created before it and is still paying since 2002.

Once you are fully qualified, it is possible to recieve donations even if you have not referred anyone yet. It is faster and more powerful if you can get your two.

Our team asks a simple question here. "Do you know anyone who would like to make $450.00 a day for showing a three minute video."


If you are ready to start making 450.00 on repeat in a program that ANYONE can do, send me a text message or email with "450" included to scarface132@gmail.com or (775) 276-2674!

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