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ONPASSIVE is going to revolutionize the hole online business.
ONPASSIVE have all the solution to all the problems facing online.
ONPASSIVE has all the tools needed and have great leadership.

Amazon is called a disruptive innovator, and they certainly are. Amazon is targeting the love income consumers and the perversely non-income consumers of the bookselling industry. This is why they are a disrupted innovator and this is also what ONPASSIVE will be with its disrupted technology there also will targeting the love income consumers and help them build an online business automatically.

ONPASSIVE has business solutions both online and offline all don for you to succeed.

ONPASSIVE has more business tools that you can ever overcome to use in a lifetime. ONPASSIVE is built from the ground up. No cheap copycats no rappels. It is our own software, and it belongs to the affiliates with ONPASSIVE, over costumers.

As a Non - competitive, Self-funding Online Marketing solution, it is Disruptive by Design and Driven by Artificial Intelligence; the #1 Disruptive technology.

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