How Turn R100 Once Off Into Over R60'000!

Please Watch The Short Video!

Before I introduce this program, let me set the records straight; This is not a Scam or a get rich quick Scheme, it’s a legitimate program where we donate money to raise funds for our members just like in any Stokvel groups. We make a once off donation of R100 but can receive donations of up to R60'000 from all the stages. Payments goes directly from member to member so no chance of Scamming you.

RECRUITING PROBLEM? : I know that the challenge of most people is recruiting other people into programs like this which is why i decided to make it a team build, where i will promote and add 2 paid members under each of my team mates.

Follow The 3 Simple Steps Below!

STEP #1: WhatsApp Admin at ''0814597431'' with the tittle "I Need The Next Position Link"

STEP #2: Then simply signup for free, complete your payment details to receive payments and upgrade for R100 once off. The system will tell you who to send your payment to.

STEP #3: WhatsApp Admin back at ''0814597431'' with your username and your sponsor's username.

Recommended Strategy!

My primary aim is for you to move to the Fast Lane (R500 Level) as soon as you receive R500 profit or more while you'll still continue to receive payments here. The Fast Lane is where a lot of our members received $21'000 in one week. After making your R100 donation, I'll add you to our WhatsApp group to see things for yourself.

URGENT: If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to change your financial situation, don’t waste too much time because as you’re reading this, 100’s of other people are also reading it so the sooner you took action, the faster you'll have people under you and start receiving payments. 

Ask Yourself, What Do I Have To Lose?

** It's only R100 once off with a potential of over R60'000.

** No Recruiting Stress, we will add 2 paid members under you.

** No Stress of selling anything that people don't need. 

All you have to do is confirm payments received and upgrade your account as you receive enough payments. This is like i'm giving you FREE MONEY! 

MY MISSION: I'm on a mission to make a difference in many people's lives by building a team of motivated individuals who have the desire to become HBBOs (Home Based Business Owners) and achieve financial freedom. The only way i can achieve this, is to help them raise money first, because without money, this mission would be impossible. 

 ''The only way you will get everything you want in life is to help as many other people get what they want'' Zig Ziggler.

I Look Forward To Working With You!

We receive payments both in Bitcoin and direct bank deposit, if you need a Bitcoin wallet Click Here

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